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Article number:  000003376
Article type:  Cyber Security
Article audience:  Professional
Category type:  Installation
Product:  XProtect Express, XProtect Enterprise Discontinued, XProtect Professional Discontinued
Type:  Software issue
Version:  4
First published:  08/29/2017
Last modified:  05/14/2018

How to identify and remove default XProtect Basic User account

A default XProtect Basic User account admin with default password admin may be created during the installation process.

To prevent undesired access via XProtect Mobile, Web, or Smart Clients, the Basic User admin must be deleted or the password must be changed.

Affected XProtect versions:


  • XProtect Go (all versions)
  • XProtect Express 2017 R1 (11.1a) and prior versions
  • XProtect Essential 2.0 - 2017 R1

To check for the issue, open the "XProtect Management Application" and navigate to "Users".  If user admin with User Type Basic is present, right-click on the user and select either "Delete User" or "Properties --> User Information" to change the password.