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Article number:  000003406
Article type:  Cyber Security
Article audience:  Professional
Category type:  Installation
Product:  All
Type:  Software issue
Version:  1
First published:  09/20/2017
Last modified:  09/20/2017

CCleaner 5.33 Malware

The issue:

On September 12, 2017, a cyber security breach was discovered where some versions of the PC optimization utility CCleaner were found to have their source code illegally modified, with the intention to distribute malware to unsuspecting users.

The publisher of CCleaner, Piriform, has issued a blog post describing the security incident in detail, the scope of who is affected, the expected impact, and their response to the matter. The blog post can be found here:

The impact to Milestone Systems customers:

  • Milestone users who have not installed and/or used Piriform CCleaner should not be affected.
  • Milestone customers who have installed and/or used CCleaner version 5.33.6162, and/or CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191, may be affected by this cyber security breach. We recommend reviewing the above-referenced blog post from Pirifrom and see what data may have been compromised from your computer system.